One Dog of a Movie

I have not seen “Snow Dogs� so I cannot make any comparisons. The movie is about an L.A. man, Kevin Manley, who will inherit his grandfather’s estate if he races in the Iditarod (, the Alaskan dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome. However, Clive Thornton, played by Leslie Nielson, does not want Kevin Manley to finish the race. After so many Naked Guns, it was nice to see Leslie Nielson as the villain. Leslie Nielson needs to stretch his acting more.

The plot itself was entertaining, but it lacked pizzazz. I think that I have seen enough goofball comedies in my lifetime that I do not seem to enjoy them as much as in my youth. I think that the cheap jokes are stupid or dull with only a few chuckles.

The only film technique I could notice was slowing down for some romantic sentiment. However, the scenes of Alaska were breathtaking.

I did have a large problem with some scenes of the movie. The clothes and the teepees of the so-called Native American tribe were horrible. I think movie writers should have some accountability. Teepees are not for the north.

The dogs were the best part. They were so cuddly and cute. There were some outtakes during part of the credits.

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