Colorful journey of skilled performers.

I have not seen Cirque du Soleil live, and if you have no need to see it live, you can save yourself some money since a number of their performances are on recorded. This recording, in fact, came from the public library so it did not even cost anything. I have seen some fairly flexible and strong people from Sea World and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. However, even I found some stunts impressive. If you enjoy feats of strength, flexibility, balance and/or skill, then you will enjoy this performance otherwise rent yourself a movie. This show is full of bright colors and interesting costumes. The music at times seems to be a fusion between rock, jazz, and new age. One tune is a meld between new age and opera. I do not feel that I could spoil the experience by giving some generalities to see if it is to your liking. First there is a male, female, and child doing different flexibility and balance moves. A troop of people worked on poles. Next there is a tight rope act done to bird music. There is a Riverdance moves with strange rope movements. There are clowns with a swing doing aerial activities. An interesting approach was two twin females doing trapeze work, which makes for interesting effects. There were two men doing feats of strength and balance. Another interesting activity was having bungee trapeze work.

If you find that the “strangest things seem suddenly routine� (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) pass this wonderland, goodbye.

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