My Uncle’s lost in time.

This movie has such a slow tempo, you may have felt you have been watching it for days. I am really not sure how much real acting there really was. Just seemed like people were going about their lives. I was not really impressed with the sight gags. I have no idea if any dialogue was lost in the translation of French to English, but the translations were very dry. I gave this movie the benefit of the doubt that maybe back in 1958, this movie might have been cutting edge comedy. I did chuckle on a few items, but the theme about fighting modernization is nothing new. The problem also becomes that today we have so many gadgets that do so many things that it hardly seems there is anything wrong other then sterility with the modern house portrayed in the film. However, I did enjoy the scenes with the boys and at times with the dogs. I think this film could have either used a better tempo or perhaps a few scenes cut short. Watching people run into streetlights would have been funnier more spread out. I guess the gags would have been better to not be dragged out. The music is of its time period with xylophones and accordions.

Once the novelty wears on, yawning occurs. I could see watching this film only to be nostalgic about the late 1950s or if I was a fan of sight gags.

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