De-evolution is more like it

We know pretty quickly that the science in this movie is a farce, merely providing a pretense of a context for the humor. And that's fine, a valid choice, except the movie is not funny.

Some simple alien life has landed on earth, and all of a sudden is starting to rapidly evolve, first in a simply amusing way, but then it gets scary. These creatures seem designed primarily to accomodate juvenile body-oriented humor (check out the film's climax if you have any doubts on that). Toss in those two staples of alien encounter films - scientists and the military - and then you have the formula for almost every science fiction movie (well, at least 70%) you've ever seen before.

Still, that's fine - they could comment upon, or more appropriately here, make fun of, the formula of such films. But no, there's no angle on this at all - it's played straight, except for the fairly standard attempts at humor. There's nothing interesting about how the film is presented, so the success of the film is placed squarely on how well it executes the formula - but we already know the science is pure nonsense, so it has to be funny, except it's not. It's mostly one-liners here, and so many of them fall flat even as they come out of the actors' mouths. I get the feeling everyone is pretty much sleepwalking here. Julianne Moore and David Duchovny deliver the lines well enough, but they seem to know they're better than this film.

If this was someone's idea of evolution, we should go back a few million years.

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