Do astronauts need ovens in space?

After some thinking, I have to settle for a 4 star, although the creativity and the clay animation are fantastic. My reservation on the grading comes from the plot. Wallace (the British inventor) and Gromit (his highly intelligent dog) are in search of cheese and have decided to go to the moon to find some. The problem is that there is this coin-operated robotic oven that desperately wants to ski. Without this oven, the plot is rather dull, however the oven raises more questions then answers. What is a robotic oven doing on the planet? Why does the oven want to ski or even why does the oven care if the Moon is eaten? This oven is just a device to add interest to the story, but it just confuses the story. I believe this is why the movie was only nominated for Best Short Animated Film in 1991 but did not win.
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