Wasted effort

Slackers strives to be as good as a Saturday Night Live spinoff flick, but raunchier. It succeeds as far as the raunch goes, but likewise succeeds in the cumulative cultural and intellectual relevance of, say, A Night At The Roxbury, or SuperStar.

Three friends who are scamming their way through college are scammed by a less-than-hip guy into getting him the girl he's in love with. With all the effort in the scamming and cross-scamming going on here, "Slacker" hardly seems like the right word to describe anyone. These guys are not in any way sympathetic, and the girl only is by virtue of being assigned that character trait, and by the ending, she seems fairly stupid too.

The script is at best first-draft quality, unless we're supposed to see this as some sort of so-arty-you-can't-see-it commentary on the world from an overmasculated teen's point of view. The plot is largely concerned with giving our young men the opportunity to touch women's breasts, and throwing in gross out moments to change up the pace.

Jason Schwartzman is wasted as Jason (the scammer scamming the scammers) - he has some occasional interesting moments, but they are fully surrounded by such inanity that the taint won't wipe clean.

The only point in paying attention to this steaming monstrosity is to see what counts as pushing the boundaries of the MPAA rating system these days.

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