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I agree with what one of the former band members said which is that this is mostly a story about Jim Morrison and the women in his life. This is a vision and audio treat, that any classic rock lover has to go see. One of my favorite Door’s tunes, “The End,� is done with the desert and odd images that tantalizes the eyes. This movie is done with such rawness and intensity that it is both entertaining, but also brings in the audience into a somewhat drugged journey into someone’s mind. Meg Ryan and Val Kilmer do outstanding performances. I feel that the movie lacks any meaning other then to present Jim Morrison, and also it may be chopping in some parts. I cannot praise the movie enough for the melding of sight and sound. It is not something to explain, but to experience. The movie is not about plot, but about emotion and music.
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Review: Light my fire. Please. star5/10 andrew

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