You can have roots and wings

Watch the movie and you will understand my comment better. I found once again that there was a distinction between background music and dialogue. I really cannot believe it is entirely the DVD’s fault, but it would be nice to not have dialogue drowned out. Reese Witherspoon is beautiful and cute in this film, so it is no wonder that she has two gentlemen in utter awe of her. Candice Bergen only did a half-hearted attempt at acting, and Patrick Dempsey was a complete stiff. Josh Lucas is simply wonderful. He gets the gold star for acting in this film. The other shining part of this movie is the cinematography. It shows wonderful scenes of New York and Alabama. If you enjoy southern rock and country music, you would enjoy the soundtrack. This is a five star film, because I was neither moved by the characters nor did I find the humor all that great. I hardly laughed. The greatest lines are in the trailer, so it is rather a disappointment there. I also did not like the main character, Melanie Carmichael. She cannot be a good catch if she just up and leaves her hometown and her husband for seven years and does not even talk to her parents. Then she lives her other life in New York without informing her fiancé about who she is or about what she is all about. Melanie just seems to be a user of people until the spark is over. I also do not like Melanie’s attitude in the first half of the movie where she feels so superior over everyone from her hometown, what a snob. Perhaps those who can relate to the South and/or Melanie may enjoy this movie, otherwise this gets a one yawn (yes, I did nap during a small portion of it).
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