Genius with a Hint of Madness

When I saw this movie in theaters, I did not know that it was a real life story. That may in fact have added a special enjoyment at the end to learn that it is a real life tale. Russell Crowe was absolutely brilliant. His expressions and actions were so natural and believable. This movie presents some real strong emotions and thoughts. It is a real inspiration for people to stand for both love and for real intelligent thoughts. Knowing something about combinatorics (a mathematical realm of study), I understood a bit of John Nash’s work. A number of economists do have mathematical backgrounds. The supporting cast with Ed Harris and Jennifer Connelly was fantastic as well. The way the movie is edited and directed is outstanding. This is a character piece so it is the wonderful acting that shines through. The cinematography was nice but nothing special. This movie has a lot of suspense, which makes it thrilling. I highly recommend it.
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