“enjoy some madness for a change�

I use the Billy Joel song quote because it captures the essence of this movie. This is a wonderful, half-crazed movie. I am not sure how many times I have seen this film, but there are many scenes that are imprinted on my mind. “Beetlejuice� is as original as its’ name. Sure haunted houses are nothing new, nor is the idea of what happens after death, but this movie is definitely one to experience. Michael Keaton is the master in this film, by far over shadowing everyone else. There is a scene with shrimp that is my mom’s absolute favorite part and that is what I have mostly rewatched. The rest of the movie is good only the first time through, because indeed some jokes are not that funny once they are known. The costumes and makeup is great. My ending comment is what goes around, comes around. Enjoy the insanity of Beetlejuice.
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