A Sweet Story with a Few Laughs

I found more to enjoy in this film then the first time I saw it. This is a sappy, tender romance, with a few dark humor scenes for spice. The name of this movie comes from the Roy Orbison song (unless that should be switched). John Candy plays this sweet, loving Chicago police man who imagines some (although possibly gruesome, but really funny) fates for his dear mother who places some real guilt upon her son. Maureen O-Hara does a marvelous job of playing a cold, Irish mother who thinks she is right and the world needs to know her thoughts. Ally Sheedy plays this adorable, wonderful lady who reconstructs people’s faces for open caskets. I enjoyed the beautiful cinematography of Chicago and the entertaining characters presented in the movie. James Belushi was in this movie but hardly worth mentioning, since his acting was pretty dull. As a movie, itself, I cannot give it the 7 that such a heartfelt movie it deserves, since there is nothing all that special here. I just enjoyed the story and how there is hope for us all.
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