Committed to Love and Alcoholism

This is a movie that is done really well with the cinematography giving different perspectives and the interesting choice of music. There is an interesting play on words with the hotel “The Whole Year Inn� being “The Hole Your In.� This is a story based more on characters then plot. Nicholas Cage deserved his Oscar on this movie. He not only can show a wide range of emotions but can walk the walk of an alcoholic and other biological reactions to alcoholism. The disappointing part are thinking that a person can shut out love so much that they are not affected much by it. I know how the woman feels by loving someone who is going through a tough time, although I never had to worry about him wanting to die. Elisabeth Sue does a great performance playing a prostitute that has found love. The music has some elements of some slow jazz by Sting, a Don Henley blues tone, and others. Most of the music is about love, which perhaps works to lighten the dark mood along with the bright Las Vegas lights, although it could just punctuate the depression of Ben Sanderson. Ben starts the movie with losing his wife and then career. I did not think the title was proper, but in essence that is what Ben is doing.
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