Talky, not much Walky

The aim of the film is to reveal some of the intimate details of relationships. We've got Amelia (Catherine Keener) and Laura (Anne Heche), childhood friends who are still close, but somehow at different places in their lives. Laura is living with and getting engaged to this guy, while Amelia has difficulty finding a relationship she can keep and her one lasting relationship, with her cat, is threatened by feline cancer. Once cued, everybody then commences to dance around and through their corresponding sources of youngish-adult angst.

This sort of film has two ways of getting through to an audience - deliver the emotions on screen so that we feel them, or make a statement that we can relate to powerfully.

The acting is excellent for sure, but - maybe this is a result of seeing too many movies - there's nothing really new here. Does everything have to be "new"? Yes, it's awfully hard to be original, but I simply wasn't that compelled. I got that the characters felt their emotions, but I didn't feel them myself. And as for any kind of statement the film was making, it was lost on me.

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