Using religion as a weapon

This movie has some great cinematography. I really enjoyed some of the scenes especially a cottage they have made out of dirt. The story itself is just the same story told through the ages, where people hide behind religion for political gains. I, for one, am glad to have the separation of church and state. I find nothing wrong with spirituality to help live ones life, but people sometimes have hidden agendas of self-interest. Sometimes there does not seem to be compassion and people do not want to discuss things in a logical manner. Luckily for us, juries are not made up of screaming adolescent girls. I enjoyed the people’s accents, and although this sounds shallow, I am going to say that I liked that the men had long hair. I am giving this 7 stars because I think that it has an important lesson to us all. Things happen to us all in our lives and granted at times we may want to lash out, but when it comes to other people, we should always remember common decency for others. To not stand up for what is right will only give a person guilt far more damning then to just say what is morally right in a person’s heart. Also, that it is far better to show mercy and forgiveness then to be filled with hatred. Go in peace.
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