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This film is set "sometime back in the 90's" and stars Jeff Brigdes, John Goodman, and Steve Buscemi. It certainly carries on many of the themes, tricks, and styles that the Coen brothers (writer and director) have been working on for years.

Bridges plays the Dude - a man that is "sometimes just a man" and is "certainly lazy". He is an unemployed pacifist who becomes entangled in the problems of another family who shares the last name of Lebowski. The Dude would mostly spend his time bowling if it were not for the other Lebowskis.

The Coen's continue to pay homage to the history of films with scenes that tip their hat to Orson Welles, Buster Brisbee, and Sam Raimi.

Excellent roles/characters by Bridges, Goodman, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Ultimately, the Big Lebowski is a return to the more comedic efforts of the Coen's early career. After they debuted with Blood Simple, they followed up with Raising Arizona. Similarly, Lebowski comes on the heels of the more serious Fargo. Lebowski's homage to bowling is a fun ride.

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