Could you stand up for others?

This movie started out slow and like so many other military rescue movies. What really moved this movie along to a grander scale was Bruce Willis (perhaps one of his best acting jobs) and also a whole shift in the movie’s emphasis. This no longer was just a movie but a statement of people going beyond the call of duty to making a real difference at their own expense. These men would not let genocide win. The African music was wonderful, the movie was full of color, and their were some unique shots. I did have some reservations about the movie, which makes this only a 7 star.

One problem I had was that I did not understand how these Nigerian villagers would not understand the importance of hiding and being silent. It would seem a human universal to me that people in enemy territory would not sing and would not go wondering around. At the very least being silent will allow for the ability to better hear if a twig snapping by the enemy is occurring.

Another problem is that the villagers did not seem even partly grateful to the American soldiers. If it weren’t for the American soldiers, these villagers would already be killed. These American soldiers are risking their lives for their only reward to be going to the hospital or the morgue. If this is how our troops are really treated, I could completely understand how cold they may be about other nations. I might not agree with all military decisions but I do not blame soldiers who are trying to protect human life from cruelty. I applaud the brave soldiers for standing up to save lives despite them not being Americans or international visitors. The question becomes then when is America being a big bully and sticking its nose into other people’s business and when is America standing up against evil? Only true wisdom and time can decide the difference between ethnocentrism and morality. In the big picture, I see us all as humans and as Earthlings; it is our planet against what might be out in space (yes, perhaps I have watched too much sci-fi). I am not defending ethnic cleansing. I, for one, am against prejudice and discrimination. I might have said this in a previous review, but I truly think heavy is the mind and heart that is in charge of human life. Bruce Willis does a wonderful job at showing this concern while trying to keep the composure needed in times of anxiety. For the life of a firefighter, paramedic, police officer, doctor and military personnel must be extremely hard because one has to be detached from emotions in order to have a clear mind to make those split second decisions. I could not be brave enough to know that a life depends on me, except my own.

In conclusion, this is an excellent movie, although two points of logic keep me from giving it more credit. If you are looking for an emotional and perhaps thought provoking movie, this is for you. If you are just looking for carnage then find something else to watch. Mostly this movie uses suspense as opposed to pure violence to get the feelings across.

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