Some people take a little more adjusting to

With a premise like having a ninja for a roommate, it's awfully hard to go wrong.

Okay, I suppose that, with so many potential directions to go with the idea, it would be possible to bog down by including too many of them.

But just imagine how many sentences you could come up with along the lines of "How would a ninja do this?" It's almost limitless.

Fortunately for us, A Ninja Pays Half My Rent is restrained enough to fit into a bare five minutes, giving us a fairly good jist on what such a roommate might be like.

Without giving away any of the great little jokes in this particular rendition of the idea, I'll just say these filmmakers approached the idea with a hefty dose of free spirited creativity and some decent skills behind the camera as well. The whole thing could have been joke after joke, but a perfectly reasonable story frames this sometimes absurd look on the life, making for a well orchestrated whole.

Highly recommended.

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