A short of varying proportions

Apparently, during the long shoot of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Sean Astin (Samwise, in those films) had some spare time on his hands and made this sweet little short.

A man is pasting up an advertisement for a car on the side of a building and finds himself not quite able to to both hold up the ad and paste at the same time - not exactly a complex problem, but one important to this person at this point in time. Two strangers end up helping him. The first, a short woman, helps hold the lower end for him, and later, a taller man comes over and helps paste the top side.

It's a simple and uncomplicated lesson, filmed well, seemingly just intended to make us smile. In that sense, it succeeds, but doesn't leave us with much else to think about.

Oh, and then there's the finale where a bus pulls up and driver turns out to be Rings director Peter Jackson. I'm not sure what this really has to do with anything here, but the whole leaving process is one way to put on end on the story.

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