Is Multiculturalism a Fairytale?

This has Disney written all over it with the unique, bright, and colorful costumes without a smudge of dirt. There is not the slightest blemish on anyone’s face. This is a beautiful fairy tale with interesting songs that are given by the marvelous voices of Brandy and Whitney Houston as well as other people. It is not every day that one sees Woopi Goldeberg sing. The movie is somewhat true to the story, however this version has a more intelligent Cinderella. In the Disney tradition there is some zaniness and lots of choreography.

I find it interesting to use a multi-racial casting. A Caucasian with an African American spouse with an Asian child who falls in love with an African American. I have known a few people to find interracial couples to be offensive, but I still hope that these people will still let their children see this movie. It is great to encourage tolerance, at least. We all just want to get along. I hope the use of racial harmony or at least, having no concern for skin color is not just a fairy tale.

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