A Funny, Heart-warming Romance and a Family

This is a simply wonderful movie that earned one more star then just being good because it just adds hope to the idea of happily ever after despite our own backgrounds and/or families. There is the scene were the party is filmed to give the impression of being drunk but that is all there is for unique camera and sound stylings. I did enjoy some of the music, which reminds me of the music I belly dance to. I dearly enjoyed John Corbett but perhaps that might be because he reminds me of the man I love. The groom’s family was quiet and wore drab clothes and decorated their home in drab colors. The wife’s family, on the other hand, is religious, loud, wears colorful outfits, and decorates their homes in bright colors. This movie is a charming, funny, heart warming movie with entertaining characters given shape by talented actors and actresses.

The TV series based on this (“My Fat Greek Life�) supposedly had 22.8 million people watching it with its premiere, which makes it the biggest sitcom premiere in four years. However Steven Eckholdt is no John Corbett. I watched a little bit of the sitcom was not fully impressed.

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