Living as an Insomniac

“Insomnia� deals with being in the land of the midnight sun but also living in the land of eternal guilt. Al Pacino did a wonderful job as a person without sleep. The sounds help in not only an eerie manner but also add to the distancing of Pacino from reality. However, no matter how Pacino tries to hide the light but it keeps shining through like some of the events in his life. There are disjointed images, fixation on objects, and muffled sounds to help with the sense of being Pacino The beauty of this movie is that it really makes one feel like they are in the movie. The cinematography is beautiful with the scenery with forests and glacial ice and also with the blood soaking in the cloth (although I would have thought blood would not be so transparent or bright). This movie has Robin Williams in a role similar to the one in “One Hour Photo,� specifically the strange loner. The movie is a battle of wits between two killers on both sides of the law. I do not want to spoil things, but what seem like disjointed scenes will make sense or at least help in the atmosphere. The movie does a fantastic job at changing the pace. There are some exciting action scenes. The movie seems to leave more questions then answer them in regards to the truth behind the killings. The fog in the beginning of the movie can be metaphoric about how life itself can seem hidden or even within the mind. The bottom line seems to be that if a person just lives within one’s ethics, life will be easier to deal with.
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