A Riveting Game of Skill

I was informed that it is not what a movie is not what it is about but how it is about it. Aside from choppy transitions, this movie is wonderful. The music and cinematography were excellent. The pool games were as exciting as football or basketball. There were all sorts of great shots like the moon over the motor home sales lot. There a variety of music styles from heavy metal to rhythm and blues. Michael Rosenbaum does a great job as Danny, although his singing was not good. I think Michael Rosenbaum does a wonderful job as Lex Luthor on “Smallville.� The best acting was by Chazz Palminteri. His egotistical acting just poured out marvelously. I feel Christopher Walken would have been better had he had a larger part, but his performance was great. I was not pleased with the sexual jokes, but perhaps I am in the minority there. Time has not aged Rick Schroder well. I still remember him from my youth in “The Champ.� Gregory Martins does a great job for his part. The point of the review is that do not let the name fool you. Pool can be exciting with the right atmosphere. Go out there and watch this movie.
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