White Men Behaving Badly

I first saw this in a movie theater before becoming an anthropologist, and I have seen it after becoming an anthropologist. As fate would have it, I have missed the first few minutes of the movie both times. Aside from the trippy scenes of Native Americans dancing in a circle from time to time, this has been an amusing story both times I have seen it. A federal agent who has tried to but his Native American roots behind himself. The cast of characters is interesting, and so is a few scenes of what I believe to be the Badlands. Looking back at this movie, I am beginning to think that it may be slightly corny. Yes, the US government has been cruel to Native Americans several times through out history and yes, Native Americans have a kinship with the earth, but somehow these two facts come out over exaggerated the second showing and it is like “no duh� when the message comes across. However maybe I am becoming more questioning when the government and corporations feel more empowered and the ones to suffer are always the people drinking tainted water or losing jobs. Yes, that was a bit of a tangent, but sometimes it is more interesting to go beyond the story and look for the implications or ask the broader questions, like how much uranium does the government really need? If you are really ready to question the big dogs go watch “Bowling for Columbine.� If it is Native Americans, I suggest “Last of the Mohicans.� “Thunderheart� is a good movie too but not as great.
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