Football U. K. style

I have not seen “The Longest Yard,� so I cannot say how true to the movie this film is or if this film is even better. This movie is kinda two movies stuck together. The beginning is rather rough with blood, cruel violence, and bleakness of prison life. The other half of the movie has the comedy and very uplifting ending. It has a feeling that even in dark times there are some good moments. I really enjoyed the football part even though I am not a sports fan. This movie has plenty of action and some loud music. Somehow some foreign films have audio problems where the background music drowns out the dialogue. I really enjoyed the movie and found it entertaining but without any real take home messages, I have to keep from achieving above 6 status. I still recommend watching it. The DVD has domestic and original U. K. versions. There is not that much of a difference between the versions other than perhaps more clear speech. Enjoy!
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