Definately Nothing

This is a sad tale only punctuated by long, depressing ballads about the U. K. equivalent of “Trailer Trash.� I understand this is an uncompassionate statement but none of these people have a sense of art or purpose or anything outside of eating, drinking, sleeping, and sex. These people have no motivation or zest for anything. The story drags on with the drab apartment complex where two of the three young females dress like sluts, there is a mother drunk beyond the ability to comprehend reality, abusive young men, and really just a whole lot of unhappy people. The main male character is the one with the deep philosophical thoughts however seems powerless to act on them. The story line just progresses without much meaning or thought like watching someone’s life but at the end happiness is tacked on as if to say, “Yes, life is a lonely journey, but there is hope.� There is no build up to this point. I have grown fond of the idea of being hit by a large, live fish when I feel that I have been side-swiped by life’s mysteries. It seems tacky ti just through up a happy ending with no real warning. It seems to at best discredit the philosophical notions of the entire film. There is no real message in it. There is no camera magic or any performances that struck me, but the happy ending did involve the sun shining, which I am assuming does not happen much in East London. If you need a depressing film to tell you that life is senseless, I recommend “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind� at least then you do get some Technicolor fun at times.

I shall be confused for a while with the title. I understand the nothing part just not the all part.

However, I give this movie some credit for being genuine even if the ending and the philosophy seems forced.

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