Life is Futile, Resistance is Impossible

Do NOT see this movie if you feel that your life is without meaning, purpose, or worth. This movie does an excellent to show life as a fruitless existence only punctuated with delusions of happiness. Chuck Barry’s story (which is portrayed as being true, but it is not exactly sure) begins and ends on the notion that we start life full of potential and at the end only one out of three people will actually be pleased with their accomplishments. It is the sad tale of a man who just wants to entertain people, but ends up being belittled by society as polluting television with “The Gong Show,� “The Dating Game,� and “The Newlywed Game.� The movie has unique scene changes, and uses color to tell the story. Life is drab with black and white and a little red, while the world of television is full of happy colors. The world of television is full of dancing, smiles, and life. Real life is full of death, and meaningless sex, however Chuck Barry realizes that in truth that his love, Penny, is what has brought him happiness and that she brings some potential for a good life. There is some humor, but this is really a dark movie. After seeing it, it is hard to deny that most of life does seem really empty. So, be strong when you watch, because avoiding suicide just to get a refrigerator is not the way to go (you’ll see what I mean).
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