Beaten Down

This is the decomposition of domestic abuse. It is sad that in some ways things have not changed. There are some women who stay in abusive relationships; there are mean who believe (with or without the aid of alcohol) that violence is the way to solve arguments. Men who believe women should not have freedom or be educated. The power play business is sickening. I believe the moral to the story is that if you are beaten once, you are no longer in a good relationship and it is time to end it. I find it disgusting that the man’s family defended such behavior from their son. I understand defending the honor of one’s family, but there comes a time when a person should stand up for the mistreated and yes, the children. It is not healthy for children to experience abuse. It could affect them emotionally, or they themselves may repeat this action thinking that it is normal.

I would like to think if we all treated each other with dignity and respect; these events would not happen or be perpetuated with each generation.

Farah Fawcett and Paul Le Mat do realistic acting. I truly felt that they were their parts. There is nothing special about the way the movie is filmed. The movie is a bit disturbing with all the verbal and physical abuse. This film is not for the light hearted.

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