Do we all exist in our own cells?

This was an interesting and unique film. The scenes, costumes, and cinematography were full of beautiful color. It reminds me a little bit about “Lawnmower Man� in that people get to be put in suits in sort of virtual world. This particular virtual world in “The Cell� is in people’s minds. It is the ultimate in reading people’s minds however it is more confusing then I would have imagined a mind to be. However the three minds investigated are a young boy in a coma, the caring and somewhat charismatic Jennifer Lopez, and a psychotic killer. It is a very artistic film but there is no real character development. The story itself is riveting. The Cell’s title alone presents both the place that one of the psychotic killer’s victims is located, but also the inward trapment of the psychotic killer’s chore is located. After having seen “Hedwig and the Angry Inch� and listening to the sound track, I get the feeling that boxing people up based on gender stereotypes marginalizes people who have done nothing to really deserve ridicule. Violence towards children can only result in bad things. I would love to be more detailed, but I really think that watching and experiencing this film is best. Enjoy!
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