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This is a documentary with all of the modern style (or historical, if you prefer Eisenstein). Fast edits and mostly digital cameras are the tools, but the story is why this should be a film to watch.

We watch two high school friends - Tom and Kalil - with a simple idea: pay your parking tickets online. This startup company has the same story as probably hundreds of others. A good idea in heady times that requires them to raise huge sums of money. Giving millions of dollars to people still in their 20's apparently has never worked out well and this story is no exception. We watch grow from a kernel of an idea to a production site.

The venture capital chase forms the heart of the action. The personal interactions follow. Unfortunately, we skip the details of the downslide for It may be that when this film was released, everyone in this industry was already awashed in these details, but I think it would still have been good to see the actual mistakes and miscalculations. I also suggest that if you watching this for insight, you must also take in Frontline's Dot Con. You can find it online at

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