No Triumph in Movie Producing

This movie has lots of technical difficulty. The background music and noises drown out the dialogue. The quality of the DVD itself I watched was not good because it would freeze the screen, so in fact a missed a few minutes of the movie. The movie has the choppiest editing that I have ever seen. I miss the smooth transitions of Hollywood productions.

It is a cooperation between an Italian and a U.K.’s movie production companies about a play created in 1732. So, do not worry about the strange scenes of the people sitting out in the garden that seem out of place, they are not out of place just be patient.

I adored the costumes, the makeup, and the scenery is divine. I am ready to plan a trip to Europe. The place is full of exquisite gardens and artwork. The story itself is interesting. A princess falls in love with a man. She disguises herself as a man to be able to enter a household that believes love is a crazy, waste of time. In the end, love has made the three wooed household people better off than when they strictly followed the intellect.

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