"Sometimes things happen for no reason"

This is a car movie. As we already know from the movies - most recently The Fast and The Furious - there is a vast culture of folk who trick out their cars, pouring in vast amounts of money, and racing against each other with both their investment and their lives on the line. It doesn't just exist in the movies - this film took three and a half years and the director lost his license three times in its making. He and his friends drove their cars well over a hundred miles an hour through the highways and streets of southern California, hanging video cameras inside and outside however many vehicles they could manage. The filmmaking process for these driving shots seems to have consisted of little more than getting people together and putting a brick on the gas pedal.

Now, what's suprising is how well these vast amounts of footage meld together. Somewhere between the editing and the sound design, these scenes are rather compelling to watch. There's a skilled technician at work behind the scenes who can make it in the industry.

After a while, I started wondering what the point was. What was really pushing the story forward? The unexplained popularity of NASCAR notwithstanding, I found the scenes of driving to start becoming a bit of a bore. There is a plotline of standard elements, fairly well known to us already, and executed in a way that loses most of its energy. What we get is a love triangle that takes too long to get started, and ends before we have a chance to feel the conflict between the players. There is a theme of sorts, of "things happening for no reason", which is an excellent way to sum up the story.

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