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After watching this show, I just had to write my review of “The Color Purple,� please read it, or at the very least watch that movie. The plot line of this tale is rather sad and not. The lead actress, Suzzanne Douglass, inspired me. I am not sure whether it is the acting or the role or both that struck me as wonderful. In the face of adversity, she keeps her family on track. I feel that there are many women in history that could be considered heroes, not because they were on the forefronts of the battlefield but because they have kept their families together through war, famine, and disease. Cooking, cleaning, and child rearing may not always be worthy of movies but the strength, determination, faith, and hope are the values and attributes of inspiring people. Suzzanne Douglass’ voice is angelic. However she is not the main character.

I think it would be interesting to sit and learn from Paul Winfield. I have wondered what he would have to say. I am not sure if it is just the roles he takes but he seems like he would be just a nice person to know.

I feel that many people take for granted the power of the ability to read and write. It was shocking to hear in this day in age (a few years ago) that women of Afghanistan where not able to be taught to read and write. The ability to read and write enables people to understand the world a little bit more and give them a little more control of their lives. When people are enabled they need less assistance and thus are more productive and can contribute to society.

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