The heart, The soul

I could not let this gem of a movie go over noticed. I have watched this movie twice, but it has been awhile since I saw it. I almost dislike myself for not rewatching it on network TV when it was on. Whoopi Goldberg owns the role, just sensational. Danny Glover and Oprah Winfrey also do great jobs. The camera work is wonderful; there are some pictures of the fields that are etched on my mind. This presents the world of the African-American woman in the Deep South in the past. It is a sincere and honest look at history, friendship, and family. I feel that everyone would benefit from viewing this movie.

Only by learning to view the world through other people’s eyes can we start to develop respect for each other and perhaps even a little compassion. The treatment of African-Americans by those individuals of European decent is a tragedy that should not be repeated. Common decency for those different from ourselves is something everyone should learn. We are all born, we all die, we all are people. If we spent the same amount of time, effort, and money on science as opposed to guns, bombs, and destruction imagine what new discoveries we could have.

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