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Tim and Tom are two animated little men whose faces and expressions are rendered on little notepads sticking up from the necks - something changes in their situation, and they'll flip the page back, or rip it off entirely, and we see a new line drawing face there.

These two little guys have been placed on two ends of a sidewalk by a real hand, and the arm its connected to, obviously their creator in this animated little world. Tim and Tom want desperately to meet, being the only ones of their kind around, but the hand works to keep them apart, either by just physically moving them, or altering their environment so their efforts fail, as in that one old Bugs Bunny cartoon.

The whole film is simply clever - how many ways can the environment of animation be played with in a self-aware way? I'm not sure, but I feel like we see most of them here, sight gag after sight gag. The ending is similarly clever, though a slight letdown, not quite living up to what came before it, but still worth the ride.

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