It Would Be a Crime not to see this Movie.

This movie had a few laughs but its strength is its original way of telling the story. Tim Allen plays a hit man whose interest is in movies as well as killing others. Christian Slater does a lovely job telling the story, but he is not quite the narrator, but he is telling a story which then he . . . I do not want to spoil the story. It is just a spin on having a movie within a movie that is enjoyable to watch. The unique characters also make this a refreshing tale. The cinematography is great with interesting camera angles including looking down from the ceiling with a door dividing the two regions of the screen. The acting did not move me and the plot was not curvy enough for me to give this more than a 7, but it definitely is a good movie to see. Enjoy!

I enjoyed seeing Billy Connolly. Every time I hear his voice I think of his role in “Head of the Class� and also as Groundskeeper Willie in the “Simpsons,� even though he is NOT the voice of Willie perhaps it is that Scottish background.

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