Poetry in motion

This short is built around a narration of the Robert Frost poem of the same name, concerning the Greek god Pan, who comes out of the woods and set down his pipes for want of a more perfect day. This is not your typical narrative form, but more one of artistic expression. The words are accompanied by a sort of stop motion animation that focuses on single objects - typically pieces of artwork themselves, images of trees and birds mostly - that change slightly between frames, while the rest of the environment changes, including the position of whoever might be holding the object.

It's hard to come up with a good perspective to talk about a film like this that is almost completely about artistry. The images work well enough with the words being spoken, but I fail to grasp a larger pattern of cohesion. Maybe further viewings would bring things into focus, but like many of us, once is all I'll get to form an opinion. The artistry and approach of the film is fairly brilliant, but brilliance around what?

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