Goodness In Spite of Reality

I loved this movie. The scenes are lush and the attention to accents, costumes, and scenery is superb. I would love to know that among the world there are people like Nicholas Nickleby. He is intelligent, charming, brave, adventurous, virtuous, assertive, compassionate, sensitive, and the fact that he is good looking does not hurt either. Nicholas stands up for justice and never falters on his mission to help those in need. Not once does Nicholas take the easy way and stand by when corruption reigns. His blonde hair stands as a beckon to guide the abused to safety, shelter, and compassion. The plot even has a twist, which is perhaps known in the Charles Dickens’s novel, but truthfully I did not read it.

I did enjoy the Dickens’s novels of “A Christmas Carol� and “A Tale of Two Cities.� There does seem to be a couple of themes that Dickens’s focuses on. There seems to be the concern of the conditions that the less fortunate live in, and the vast corruptive nature of those in power.

I cannot talk enough about Charlie Hunnam’s performance as Nicholas Nickleby. He has such range of emotions that it is beautiful as the story and sets. This is a treat to watch and hopefully this is true for people who have actually read the novel.

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