Fluff fails

It's the last night of the semester and everything goes crazy! Eighties-style!

This kind of formula has worked before, at least in terms of making box office money. Why did they think this would work? Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles is directed by her mother, Tamar Simon Hoffs. Susanna looks nice, but doesn't have any breadth as an actor. Tamar does a passing, but uninspired job directing. Joan Cusack looks like she couldn't break out of her contract.

The best scenes are when nobody is speaking. Most notably when Susanna dances around in her underwear for no apparent reason. The main point is that, when they aren't speaking, we aren't confronted by the flimsy excuse for a plot.

If you are looking at the DVD in the cutout bin, it's possibly worth buying for the included short, "The Haircut", directed by the elder Hoffs and starring John Cassavetes, which actually works despite another appearance by Susanna, as part of the band that eventually became the Bangles.

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