The Matrix has you...

This movie rocks! I saw this when it first came out and multiple times since then. I own the DVD and still can't get enough of it.

Lots of action and very interesting storylines. Why does everything taste like chicken? :-)

It gets kinda slow at some points, but it makes up for it later. :-)

It does put a new perspective on the old computer hacker stereotype. This definitely does sound like it may have roots in the fantasy of a computer geek with delusions of grandeur. I should know, I get them all the time. :-) heh heh heh

I didn't like the little "love story". That storyline was broadcast from the beginning. I thought that was really cheesy.

But the "Entertainment" factor is through the roof! Some people complain that there's too much violence in the movie. Granted there is a lot of overglorified John Woo type gun battles with neverending ammo, but that's part of the box office draw. Most people, kids in general, are drawn to violence. Right or wrong, humans have taken some sadistic pleasure in watching violent sports, imagery, and movies.

Can't wait for the sequels...although I am curious how they're going to address Neo's "God" complex. If he can already manipulate the Matrix and bend it to his will, how are they going to stop him??


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