The Majestic "The Majestic"

This was an underestimated film. The film shots are wonderful with sets that have a high attention to detail. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Jim Carry. Jim has a real future in dramatic acting. This is his best performance ever with a full range of emotions, plus that little sparkle that makes subtle movements mean so much more. The plot has a few twists but this movie is just a happy, feel good movie. I enjoyed it. This show beats “The Truman Show� in terms of Jim’s acting although the plot for “The Truman Show� was better. It is not about Jim’s character, but about a town that needs a son. There is also a theme about defending the U.S., character, and communism. The idea of communism also brings about the idea of first amendment rights. There might be more to this film then meets the eye. Jim just needs a really good script to launch a career in dramatic acting. The characters of the small town of Lawson are charming. The movie theater the characters restore is of course fantastic.
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