This is a slower drama about a young woman in search of an identity. Harper Sloane is played by Sarah Polley. She's from a wealthy family and is more or less following daddy's foot steps off to Harvard Law School. Then fate throws a wrench in her plans. She meets up with the free spirited Connie Fitzpatrick played by Stephen Rea. His obtuse attention intrigues her, despite their 20+ year age difference.

Harper's mother is played by Jean Smart in a terrific role. She's onto Connie's game and makes sure Harper knows this. Harper's rebellion keeps her running back to Connie. Connie tries to free the artist he feels is trapped in her. She has to agree to an immersion like program to become Connie's protege.

It's about this time in the movie that Harper is introduced to another character who was Connie's previous protege. Apparently, Connie's word of encouragement may not have been original thoughts that Harper hears in her heart to be meant just for her. Despite her new nickname of Guinevere, she flees Connie, undeveloped as an artist and no further along in her personal journey.

So, we're at a turning point in the movie. It would be easy to have reserved the unveiling of Connie's secret to the end in a dramatic build up, but this movie takes a different path. Harper needs to decide for herself. She returns to Connie and accepts him for who he is. She flourishes under his guidance. But why? Why take the risk? Why confront the issue? These are Harper's choices and the film does a good job of exploring them.

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