Fame Names Its Price

The title reflects what Andy Warhol once said that everyone has 15 minutes of fame. This is very much a raw look at crime, media, and those sworn to protect lives (in this case the police and fire department). The natural part of the movie is the camera scenes are pure not only from the hand-held camera scenes from one of the criminals but also the overall camera shots. It is pure also in the acting, the emotions displayed. There was an entire sequence of shots that I felt were totally uncalled for between the firefighter and the Czech criminal. This is one of those films that has no real winner or hero. What may seem good turns ugly. People’s dreams are destroyed and there is a feeding frenzy on people’s tragedies. I am not sure if this is a biased movie or not, but it does seem to want to say that image is everything and some people are ready to risk everything for image. It is sad to think that morality can be bought and sold, but perhaps that is just the society we live in.
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