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Burt Reynolds stars as an old safe robber who takes on an apprentice, a curly-haired guy who reminds me a lot of Johnny Galecki. They robs some places, argue over the purpose of money, exchange life lessons, and test the bounds of loyalty.

The script comes from John Sayles, who sat on it ten years because he did not want to direct it himself. Those duties fall to Bill Forsyth, whose best known film is the relatively unknown Local Hero. Forsyth brings a gentle touch to this mostly light-hearted tale. The film comes off as a series of amusing stories of the trade, that also happen to form a simple, but believable story arc.

Reynolds is interesting as Mullins, showing that he can act, though his range appears limited to self-assured masculine people. Relative unknown Casey Siemaszko makes a believable young Mikey.

I find I don't have an awful lot to say on this one. It's kind of fun, kind of heartfelt, but not an awful lot of anything. There's some character study, some commentary on human nautre. What is it missing for me? Is it my expectations getting in the way of the film?

Perhaps it would be a more accesible film with a more exciting conclusion. It's almost synonymous to have chase scenes, gunfights, and so on in this sort of film, and then someone dying on the floor, expressing something dearly heartfelt.

Breaking In is a more reasonable film, more realistic in what it portrays. And that makes it more interesting, in theory, but fails to generate much else to fill the void.

Perhaps if we were to meld this 1989 to a hip hop soundtrack, we'd be on our way...

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