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This movie is bounded by genres on nearly every front. It's a buddy flick. It's a road flick. It's a coming of age story. However, it is in spanish and for a gringo like myself, there's an interesting boundary between erotica and vulgarness. The movie is subtitled and by being forced to read the speaking parts, some of the teenage bluntness takes on a more literative quality. Had this movie been in English, it would probably have been closer to the easy-to-make teen movie with a hot new starlet and appropriate Tiger Style boy.

So, we meet Tenoch - a young man with rich parents and his buddy, Julio. Julio's not been as fortunate. Together, they have formed a club of sorts with a simple manifesto of getting high. Always looking to score, and bolstered by their teen hormones, the first half of the movie seems sort of meandering. But, we're really just following the aimless lives of these two guys.

Tenoch's sister get's married and during the large family reunion, the boys meet his cousin's wife. Luisa is from Spain and is probably 10 years older than they are. Her troubled marriage convinces her to accept the boy's daring invite to the mysterious Heaven's Mouth beach. The road trip begins. The three share a lot of conversation in the car. Luisa is certainly escaping her past but the boys aren't clued in to this. Frequent drinking and dope smoking ensues and the three become very close on their journey to the private beaches of Mexico.

Mixed in with the boy's fantasy is Luisa's failing marriage and her attempt to define her own life. The second half of the movie escapes the American teen genre and serves as the central crisis in the plot.

Somewhat distracting in this movie is the frequent use of the character voiceover. Our narrator is independent of the characters and the director uses this device frequently. Think Wonder Years and you have an idea of the style. However, the narration doesn't completely derail the story and tends to add a little insight and bridges the gaps in the visual scenes.

In the end, an interesting commentary and worth watching

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