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Memory takes me back to a table surrounded by 12 year old boys who hadn't yet noticed the girls. We were drinking soda pop, eating marijuana free brownies, and of course playing Dungeons & Dragons. When our imaginary party was faced with an imaginary red dragon or similar foe, I was fond of irritating the dungeon master with "I whip out my AK-47." With this in mind one might understand the joy I felt about halfway into Reign of Fire when the Americans show up with modern military hardware to fight dragons.

The story is perhaps old hat. Post apocalyptic group of people scrapes to survive against terrible odds. Heros grace the scene just before humanity is eliminated, perform tremendous feats to deliver us from evil, and everyone starts planting roses. Even so, this picture has merits. Clever set dressing and special effects engage the imagination. I really like the dragons most of all, they are very well done. Well paced action and tacked on romance really makes this a Die Hard lovers film of the month.


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