The Journey Sparkles Again

This movie is action packed, and depending on the theater may be a bit load with the fighting scenes. I loved this movie. I shall be very sorry when this series is over. The cinematography is awe-inspiring and the special effects are breath taking. The costumes and computer-generated creatures really bring the movie to life with a variety of humanoid-like and some non-humanoid like species. Be being in the middle of the trilogy there is of course no real closure in order to entice the audience to watch the sequel. There is no real theme or moral, so it is just for entertainment value and thus, although I enjoyed everything about it, it cannot transcend to the realms of great movies. Great movies add to ones life by touching something deep inside or challenge beliefs so you are transformed a bit. I recommend everyone to see this movie. It is a great escape into another realm. It is fun with some surprises but nothing mind-bending. I am not sure whether this is as good as the first or better.
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