What Stinkers!

I get the feeling as I watch The Smokers that I am supposed to be shocked. The three boarding school girls we follow go through such a jagged course there is a huge burdon up front to justify what comes later.

Jefferson, Karen, and Lisa are the product of mostly absent rich parents and disaffected values. They are in school, but don't seem to care about school itself. They are breaking rules left and right without a thought as we start, and they progress deeper and deeper into moral uncertainty without regard to their consequences, and barely even their own individual characters. I'll refrain from getting into specifics as there should be something left to discover for those of you who still chose to watch this one.

The film rushes in just as its characters do, when just letting things happen would have been a better approach. I think the situations presented are interesting, but the film is trying way too hard. The ending fulfills the typical screenplay structure, but has the wrong attitude about what has come before it.

The movie feels pretty low budget, so maybe that explains part of it. Sprinkled largely through the last half of the film are some simple things, like poorly avoided stuntwork, bad cuts, a really bad dialog replacement (watch for the jogging scene), and some bad audio in general. I could see it as a better film with a little more money, but there are more fundamental things to address to make it a good film.

And why is this called The Smokers anyway? Seems like there's a lot of smoking in the movie. But they're never really separated out from any other group in that regard. The more appropriate title that pops in my head would probably have gotten the film banned.

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