Classic One Joke Pony

A modern Doctor Frankenstein puts together a badly injured Rob Schneider after his car goes over a cliff. After this point, he behaves a lot like an animal himself. That's the setup.

The change helps him become an actual cop, something he's been trying to do for a while with no luck. There's also a girl, a treehugging worker at the local humane society. His fumbling ways aren't healed by his transformation, but somehow he comes off as sympathetic to her now.

Those two threads combined with the setup manage to take up a paltry eighty-four minutes of screen time. Ninety minutes is roughly the minimum for most films - those that fall short are either due to budget, or a lack of material. It won't take two guesses to figure this one out.

Looking past the obvious, seen-already self-deprecating humor at Schneider's expense, there's only one real joke. It's amazing that comedies still come out based on a single joke, but if it gets enough people in the theater, they'll keep on doing it.

And the strength of that one joke? Eh, it's barely enough to fit a half hour sitcom, with commercials. Run away, flee, from this patchwork beast.

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