Go ahead, be shy...

I was always curious about this film from the ads where Oliver Platt says "Narco-sleepy". Then it disappeared from the theaters before you could say "straight to video".

Was it that bad? In a tight movie market with little to differentiate it from the typical comedy-cops'n'crime-therapy genre, I can see that happening.

What's it offering? Oliver Platt, who I'm starting to see as one of the better character actors (or at least most seen) in hollywood. Probably the sexiest manure scene you're likely to come across. I like the Liam Neeson character, but it's hard to get excited about him as a protagonist. The storyline is pretty pedestrian, with the good guys getting picked off regularly through the middle of the movie, but sort of in an off-hand way of saying, "oh yeah, Liam might be in danger"... The ending had the potential to be interesting. But some key elements were amazingly just forgotten - and not to any benefit because the ending they went with simply let the air out of everything that had built up.

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