Ten minutes in, and the film has made two points, which I fully expect to be the points throughout the film: skiing is an old and staid activity, and nobody hip actually does that anymore - and snowboarding is the greatest, hippest thing ever.

The premise, thin as it is, is basically of a war between the ski patrol and a band of 'boarders. Enter into the mix Jim Varney as a typical Varney idiot-klutz, skewed to appeal to 'boarding sensibilities. After an office scene that is almost interminably cut to, in which he finally gets hired as entertainer/safety manager. His talents are wasted on standard gags having nothing to do with the film, and huge swaths of expositional dialog.

The villain that the film puts form is an Animal House Neidermeyer-influenced Red Eagle - a heavy-handed member of an already heavy-handed ski patrol.

The resort as a whole is in trouble. One more safety violation and the place is shut down. Plus, they need a financial boost that makes the concept of allowing snowboards a possibility. Red Eagle and secret 'boarder Corey Haim turn out to be sons of the owner. Their antagonistic banter ends up creating an end-of-season contest to determine whether 'boarding will be permanently allowed. Nevermind that this not a logical way to resolve things, but it creates the sort of ending the film wants.

I don't see anything here to redeem the film. It's meant to be funny. It really isn't. There isn't enough stuntwork to be that sort of film, and what there is comes off as derivative - how many times do we have to see people fly over and on picnic tables? Throw in a slew of bad accents, and the film is painful to watch in places. And if you are a snowboarder - the most obvious audience for the film - your time would be better spent on the slopes.

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